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Independent Escorts in Mumbai Welcome to the World Of Megha Bajaj, an elite independent escort in Mumbai. I belong to rich affluent business family in Mumbai and have quite expensive taste. Going to parties, hanging out with men is my passion and now it has become my profession.

I am well known female escort in Mumbai for my stunning looks and extraordinary love making skills. If you don’t believe it just asks any prominent hotel or VIP in Mumbai for night out and he will definitely recommend my name.

I have fair complexion, having height 5 feet, 5 inches and curvaceous body. I do cardio for 2 hours daily and eat lot of healthy nutritious food to keep myself fit, since body is my only asset in this profession. I never indulge in bad habits like smoking, drinking or taking drugs, infect I never date those person who are smokers and heavy drinkers. I am strictly against bad habits even discouraging my clients using them in front of me.

As an Escort in Mumbai, I am quite warm person. I always treat my guests with love and respect no matter what his profession is. I never enquire about financial as well as personal status of my guest, as long as they are treating me with dignity and respect, not looking to me as a dirty cheap person, everything is fine with me.

Men in Mumbai are quite lonely here, with so much competition and dirty politics in office, on top of that personal life tension, men wants a person with whom they can relax, have fun and share their joy and sorrows. As a call girl in Mumbai, I make sure that my client has a good time with me, with my warm nature, extraordinary cooking skill and sensual love making; I try to build some happy moments in their life as well as smile on their face which they have lost in fast paced life.

I make love according to my client personality, for instance if a person is newbie or shy nature, I make him comfortable with good food and wine to calm down, then make such a tender love to him in bed so that he overcome his inhibitions and let his manhood rise. For experienced person, I ensure that you have a blast in night, with some hard drinks to get over your inhibitions; I can make a rocking love to you to fulfil all your hidden desires.

I am available 24 by7, 365 days a year through my Website. If you want to meet a girl who is warm, friendly nature combined with good looks and extraordinary love making skills, then you are knocking on the right door, you just have to drop an email or call me on number mentioned in my website, your service will be available within 3 days.

If you want to be happy, wants to bring back smile on your face, then you must book my service, believe me, you will cherish each and every moment of dating me and will come back again and again for my service.